The public tranport maps app


Download the latest transit map for your city.

  • Get transit info and directions when offline.
  • See moving vehicles en-route
  • Find venues and points of interest.
  • Find Connections/transfers at any selected stop.
  • Next arrivals and extended schedule.

Use It Offline.

Go Public downloads the transit data to your device and makes it available for offline usage. You can use the app even in flight-mode*.
Use the app when offline, underground or roaming.
Easily browse lines with a dual map/line view

Explore, or Search

GoPublic is designed for exploring as well as searching transit options. Use the transit scroll-bar to scroll along your chosen line, or tap on the map to select transit lines and connections nearby. Be a savvy rider.

Moving vehicles en-route

Vehicles currently en-route appear on the map, so you can understand where your next ride actually is.
View moving vehicles en-route


  • Get transit directions from/to anywhere in town.
  • Find connections at any given stop.
  • Plan ahead with next arrival times.
  • Find your favorite venues on Foursquare, and get nearby transit.
* An internet connection is required for searching venues and for downloading map tiles.